My Canon R7 Wildlife Setup - Starbug 1 and Wrap Up

The green menu is a user setup menu. Any feature from the normal menus can be placed here. I have often used features like Forms Card and Exposure comp (again) placed here. I also have multiple exposure and the interval timer programmed for the few times I shoot Astro. Its the only way I can find them as I use these features only on the rare occasion we actually get clear skies at night here in the UK.

My Menu

If you've made it this far without entering sleepy go by by mode you have done well. I know I dropped off writing all this over three days. Hopefully both my readers will have found something useful in my ramblings. Or maybe you have something to share that I ca try and see if it helps streamline my setup. I am all ears so please use the comments below or feel free to get in touch via the contact form. The R7 has so many possibilities for customization and I am sure as time goes on some of my setup will evolve. 

Grass Snake