My Canon R7 Wildlife Setup - Blue Midget

The blue menus are all to do with image reviewing and in camera faffing about with editing the only menu I do any configuration on here is blue 5.

Blue 5

This for when chimping. A click of the magnifier button and the camera should zoom in to a high level on the AF point the camera selected when the image was taken. I am convinced this doesn't work as it should though. Often the review will zoom into a point, but a different point that DPP, canons post processing app on the computer sees as the focus point. Still useful, when it works.


The Purple menu only has one page and it is all to do with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I do use this for remote shooting, the only time I really use a tripod. In the past I have setup my camera pointing as a vole hole, badger set and bird perches etc while I sit at a distance watching what the camera sees on my phone or iPad. This can yield some great opportunities but it it is a big battery hog. I found that it is best to add an external power bank via the USB - C port on the camera if doing this for any length of time.