My Canon R7 Wildlife Setup - The Canaries

The yellow menus have some fun bits where I have done a bit of fettling to get the camera to behave in the way I want it to.

Yellow 1 is all quite self explanatory. I set how and where files are saved over my two memory cards, enable auto rotate so images are shown the right way up and set the time and date.

Yellow 1

Yellow 2 I only change one setting and tat is the video system to NTSC. That may sound odd given I am in a PAL region here in the UK. However, are NTSC and PAL really relevant these days? Not really IMO, we just talks about framerates, 1080p and 4k etc. Here I set NTSC so I gain access to 120fps slow motion in video modes, instead of 100fps that is the fastest you can go in PAL mode. On the rare occasions I shoot video I can set my rates for output later on in whatever editing package I use.

Yellow 2

Yellow 3 has a great setting that is not present on the R5 and R6, volume. 

Yellow 3

In electronic shutter I don't want total silence. I want some feedback so I actually notice when I am leaning on the shutter button when I put my camera down or am carrying it. I don't want to find out that for the last 10 minutes the shutter button has been pressed, my card is full and my battery is flat just as an Osprey flies over my noggin. Ask me how I know lol. So I enable a fake shutter sound for use in electronic shutter. Other sounds are on silent to prevent me annoying the smeg out of any birders who may be in the same hide.

Shutter volume

I also setup my power saver settings here to maximize battery life but not have things shut off too quickly. In particular the screen off setting at 30 seconds. This also deactivates the image stabilizer in the lens and camera after 30 seconds saving more power.

Power Saver

Yellow 4 is also quite self explanatory. My preference is for the display to auto switch between screen and viewfinder. I have the screen set to 5 as this feels right, and viewfinder brightness set to Auto for the same reason. Screen/Viewfinder tone is set to 2, which is the standard setting and again, just looks right to me.

Yellow 4

Yellow 5 I have left everything at the defaults. That incudes closing the shutter at shutdown to help prevent dust getting on the sensor when I change lenses. I did leave it set to open once just to see the sensor. It is amazing just how much it shakes during the power on cleaning cycle, especially compared to the very minor shake seen on DSLRs. 

Yellow 5

Yellow 6 is all quite self explanatory.

Yellow 6

I have changed the behavior in the Custom shooting (C1-C3) menu. After registering my basic settings to C3 I also enable Auto updates set. I do this as if I change shutter speed, aperture etc while shooting, I do not want those settings to revert to default when the camera goes to sleep. I do have to be careful on my next outing though as I may have set something not appropriate for the current session. I've lost count of the number of times my shutter speed is far too high, or far too low and not noticed. The EVF and exposure simulation has reduced the chances of me doing that.

Auto Update Set.