Inspirational Photographers - John Kimbler

Over the many moons I have been playing with cameras there have been photographs that stand out from the crowd, ones that really stick in the mind. Sometimes it is a famous photographer that that seems able to produce imagery that you just gel with. One such photographer for me was Don Mcullin and his photographs of London, something about them stirred my emotions. As those London shots and his wonderful conflict photography were before my time, coupled with my inability to photograph people, it was not something I would want to even attempt to replicate. To some extent, most photographers begin by trying to replicate and learn from those that have gone before us. I have definitely taken that route and would hope that with time I can add my own creativity along the way.

As my interest in macro photography grew I begun to visit a few online forums and blogs. While browsing on I came across one photographer that stood out from the crowd. His work was nothing short of stunning. What really grabbed me about this particular photographer was his willingness to share and discuss various macro techniques. Not only that, but like most successful photographers his knowledge the subject the choses to photograph matches his skill with a camera. His name, John Kimbler.

Carder Bee - by John Kimbler
Carder Bee - by John Kimbler


Collecting Pollen, by John Kimbler

John's posts on lead me to his tutorials on For anyone wanting to get into macro photography or who wants to try some new ideas there are few resources as good as this. Described are many techniques that are well worth a try. Some are just "why didn't I think of that" moments while many of the other ideas John has detailed are based on many hours experimentation and hard graft. For the last nine years John has dedicated all himself to the pursuit of macro imagery, and it really shows as his images attest.

I have been following John's work and advice for a few years now and hopefully as a result of his excellent articles have been able to leap frog my way along the path. I will I am sure one day be able to create a few images to match his standards though I am also sure I will struggle to ever reach the consistency that John shows. Image after image my jaw drops every time, that takes a real talent and a shed load of dedication. On the dedication front that is what I really lack, I simply do not have the time due to many other interests. Dedication is also something that cannot be taught, but when you see such images and the enthusiasm photographers like John and a few others show on various forums display,  a certain keenness does rub off. Chasing the next image and next level of improvement is also a bit of an addiction. To feed that addiction you certainly need a bar to aim for and one that is constantly moved higher is a real bonus.


Just a geek with a macro lens :) All of my images are taken with the camera in my hand, and I do not focus stack (all single, un-cropped, images). All of my subjects are photographed in the wild and are unharmed.

John Kimbler

 Well enough of my blabbering on and more of John's pictures. But before I leave you to them here are some links to John's web presence.

 Feeding Plant Bug - By John Kimbler

And Finally one of my favourite images, a Cuckoo Bee.

Cuckoo Bee - By John Kimble